Give Your Automotive Sales Leads the Attention They Deserve

One of the great achievements in the automotive business is the ability to get repeat and referral business. It’s really great to reap the benefits of a job well done for years to come. However, no business can survive solely on repeat and referrals alone. In order to generate new business, especially in the car business, new automotive sales leads must be generated and/or purchased.Third party generated leads are popular in the automotive business. Every now and then, you may want to do a spot check of your current lead sources, their effectiveness, as well as checking other sources that may be available. Many dealers turn to Google for the answer to their questions of what automotive sales leads are available. They may do some brief keyword play and try “new car leads” or “lead source providers”. Even if you throw the word “quality” into the mix, no search engine ranking can guarantee the quality of a third party lead. However, something you may want to search for is “Dealer Chat Leads” or “Automotive Sales Leads”.Dealer Chat is the new kid on the block when it comes to automotive sales leads. This is most likely due to the fact that dealer chat is a relatively newer technology. Many dealers are technologically driven and have jumped onto the opportunity to try something new a few years back when dealer chat was released. Other dealers weren’t so sure about this new lead source and held tight to their reservations.Some of these reserved dealers have moved on to use dealer chat to generate high quality automotive sales leads. Others are still on the fence about the idea. Sub-prime and vehicle specific leads have been around a lot longer. Third-party leads are very beneficial to a number of dealers. Despite the reports and feedback that many dealers will give to support third party leads, try to take a logistical view for a moment; where do third party leads come from?The easy answer: Third Parties.When lead source providers “acquire” their leads they sell to you, they really cannot guarantee the prospective customer was looking for a vehicle when they submitted their information. They may have been filling out an online survey, or playing the newest Facebook online game. Somehow, they’re asked if they’d be interested in a car, they click yes, fill in their information, and here comes the lead delivered to you.Let’s assume this is the kind of lead you receive in your inbox. If you do contact the prospect on the first try, you’re quite lucky. From there, if your luck is going strong, they may be able to be talked into an appointment. If your luck is really going well, you might just get a sale. This is all assuming that the prospect deep down, somehow, was in the market for a vehicle.The tune changes when the lead is generated from your own website by engaging the visitor using dealer chat. Since they’re on your website, the chances are very good they have a vehicle related question. From there, you’re much more likely to generate a high quality automotive sales lead that will hopefully result in a sale.Time and time again, research shows that automotive sales leads generated from your website have a much higher closing ratio than those of third party lead sources. Plain and simple: more sales for you.The key to capturing these website leads is having dealer chat software on your website. Staff your virtual showroom just as you staff your lot; with knowledgeable people who are ready to answer questions and give the proper attention necessary to make a prospective customer feel appreciated.No matter where you decide to get your automotive sales leads; from a third party or from your own website via dealer chat, just be sure you’re giving visitors what they want; attention, credibility, and a great experience. That’s the stuff that sells cars.

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Motorcycle Kits – Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Motorcycle Kits

Customizing your bike has already been made a lot easier by motorcycle kits. As manufacturers really hardly get what their hardcore consumers want in their bikes’ appearances, these kits made personalization a simple step away from having their dream bikes.And the possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to choices. You can definitely find that special bike kit that will enable you to design your motorcycle just the exact way you like it. As more and more bikers are discovering the greatness of expressing themselves with motorcycle kits, makers are now even more compelled to make a corresponding kit for every motorcycle a manufacturer makes. This makes building your own bike such a breeze, and of course, less costly than having it made in the shop. It’s just that some are still confused about how these kits work. Well, if you are one of those souls looking for some clarifications about these wonderful creations, this is the right place for you. Here, the most frequently asked questions about motorcycle kits will be answered in the simplest words.Motorcycle Kits – Why use a motorcycle kit?Motorcycle kits may seem to be a bit tedious for some who are deciding on buying their own bikes, as there is always the option of buying “off the shelf” motorcycles. Building from scratch sounds time-consuming, while manufactured ones are all ready for use. But, most of these bikes are so generic and boring that will only make you look drab and even rob you of the real motorcycle feel. With “off the shelf” bikes, you will surely end up having the same thing a thousand or so others already have. On the other hand, motorcycle kits allow you to be unique and make you truly express yourself through your bike.And as building your own bike is just like building your own dream house, you would definitely want to accomplish and fulfill what you have always wanted in the project. And you would not want your house to look just like any other house in the block, right? Building your own enables you to use your own wild imagination, so, why settle with what everybody has when you can easily have something that will match your personality and help you stand out from the crowd?Motorcycle Kits – What are the types available?As mentioned earlier, a motorcycle kit directly corresponds to a manufactured motorcycle. This means that there is a kit for any motorcycle made by any maker in the world. This also means that you can virtually have limitless choices in choosing the perfect kit for you. There are a lot of options available and there will definitely be something that will suit you and your lifestyle. Different options are made available by motorcycle kits sellers, which give you almost an infinite range of options to choose from.Different looks are offered by bike kit distributors, and the colors usually depend on you, as most kits still need a paint job after or while assembling. However, in deciding the paint colors for your bike, you should first consider the design and shape of the chassis, for this part will definitely attribute a lot to the whole look of your motorcycle.  Most bike kits tend to have very cool names to go with their look, for example the Godfather Motorcycle Kit – how cool is that name!Motorcycle Kits – How easy it is to get started and how long does it take to finish?Just like doing other technical works, you will also need to have an area for this project using your motorcycle kit. Make sure to read the instructions first, you will definitely need the reminders to maximize the enjoyment of building your own bike and prevent you from having those unnecessary hassles and frustrations. It would, however, become relatively easier, especially if you already have a mechanical experience, but if you don’t, you will still be assured to enjoy the whole experience.Finishing your customized bike with a motorcycle kit will definitely depend on how much time and skill you have applied in the whole process. If you have more daily time spent in your workshop and the more skill you have in finishing and even just deciding on how to polish and do the steps, the less wait you’ll have to do before you get to take that baby out on a road trip. But don’t be discouraged just yet. As the saying goes, all good things comes to those who wait.Motorcycle Kits – What tools are needed for building and even repairs?Most motorcycle kits already state which tools you will need in building your own bike. Usually, the needed equipment is just the basic tools you can find in a regular tool kit has. If you are still not sure, and it is your first time, you can always discuss these with your local motorcycle shop personnel or distributor. However, the most essential need is the space where you’ll be carrying on the whole project.You can always clean out the loads of junk in your garage to give you ample room for work, or you can always create a shed in your backyard for much more space. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, motorcycle kit manuals can also give you some help. Since repairs only come after you have built your motorcycle, you already have the experience and even the tools you need for it. Maintenance and even part replacements will even be just a piece of cake for you by this time since you already know what to do with your bike. It is you who built it, after all.Motorcycle Kits – How much do they cost?The cost of Motorcycle kits always vary, considering what kind of motorcycle you want to put together. However, they are generally a whole lot cheaper as compared to buying a manufactured motorcycle, depending on how you put the parts together. As parts are usually cheaper on their own, and you can even have the say on what kinds, brand names, and types of parts you can get to put in your motorcycle, you can save thousands of bucks in building from scratch. But, no matter how much you spend on your bike, you will always be sure that you will enjoy the outcome of your hard work and efforts.